Monday, March 24, 2014


My partner turned 27 today. In many different parts of the world at least. Birthdays are always a big deal for me and growing up they were too. When you're from a different part of the world and have many different parts of the world to call home and believe that birthdays are a BIG deal - you have some pretty long birthday celebrations. I have learned lots about time zones through these celebrations. For instance, today at 7:30am, my partner turned 27 in Australia. At 9:30am, he turned 27 in Japan. At 12pm, he turned 27 in Bhutan. At 12:15pm in Nepal, at 12:30pm in India, at 12:45pm in Afghanistan, and tonight, we will be celebrating when it's midnight in Geneva, New York, Denver, Colorado, and Berkeley, California. I find it so intriguing to wonder that when he was really born, if a baby was born the same exact moment in another part of the world, their birthday may not be on the same date! Time is fascinating to me, and to be able to elongate it out for a special celebration of a special person in my life - is truly amazing.

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