Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Buttery Snow

I didn't really know what to say. As I shivered today at recess, I wondered day-dreamily when someone from the front office would come by and laughingly say, "Just kidding! It's too cold for the kids to be outside - we actually have indoor recess today!" Unlike some of my more valiant colleagues, I would take a madhouse of about 80 very young children in the gym, over a cluster of crying, sad, and cold children begging me every two minutes to call this recess to a close.

I couldn't see much really. The wind managed to pick up right as we began recess and the snow was billowing about horizontally. For once, I was proud of myself for layering-up. I had 4 layers on me, halfway-decent boots, a muffler, my glasses, my hood, and my big gloves. Except for one amateur mistake - jeans. My legs felt borrowed by the end of recess. I watched children huddle up and tell me they couldn't feel their hands and feet. I wondered curiously if children growing up in Colorado would have a higher tolerance for the cold than the adult who grew up in India.

Somehow, I ignored the foreignness of my legs and answered, "No, I haven't. It looks like a giantess took a scalpel to a humungous piece of ice, smiled at her ice shavings with admiration, and then spread those shavings out neatly for us to add dollops of our mundane footprints to this creamy buttery landscape of snow."

She mischievously asked again, "Have you never seen snow look like this?"

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