Monday, March 31, 2014

Honeymooning Still

Day thirty-one
From being a blogirgin
to taking my writing
to a whole different level.
Is it really?
Already, day thirty-one?
From early days of the thrill
of writing for eyes
that are not mine -
To being moved by tears,
loud laughter,
and wonderment -
Through blogs I have learned from,
grown from,
cherished being a part of,
and commented on -
with words and without.
Thirty-one days
have passed.
And I am not the same
writer I was on February twenty-eight
two thousand and fourteen.
So here I am,
with some lessons learned
with the help of reading with Kam
and Teaching from Behind while
doing the Teacher Dance
we all know so well.
All the while knowing
that writing is a process
best left Under Construction.
And that's my two or rather
Prose Cents.

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