Sunday, March 30, 2014

Picture Perfect

I can still hear him
She yearned to 
hear his voice
through the files 
of her memory.

Can't recreate him
through a picture,
a word,
a voice,
a moment.
But he lives on 
and on,
to tell stories through you -
to all you will make
and all the moments you will capture.
So with the new stories you write,
and the old ones you tell - 
don't forget to tell his.
The sound of his voice 
when you drive in,
or his open arms 
when you wake up,
warm like the coffee he's sipping on.
He lives on and on
in the stories that make him 
the person you hold dear - 
in those pictures,
those words,
those sounds,
those moments -
he lives on.

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