Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Red Faced

And as that red face creeps out,
from a silver silhouette,
to let us know
we're not alone in this vastness
of nothingness and
everything all at once.

And as that red face creeps out,
tempting me to stroke it -
to paint it,
if I could wield a paintbrush.
Teasing me to touch it -
sculpt it with fingers
more nimble than mine.

And as that red face creeps out,
It occurs to me -
just how small I am,
standing in my patio
some 238, 899 miles*
Yet feeling so big,
zooming through my camera,
balancing on my tripod.
Dreaming big dreams -
way bigger than my hands
and feet could ever reach.

So tonight, I take in all of that red face -
and hold it close to my nothingness.

* some benefit of living in the Mile High City!

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