Friday, March 13, 2015

Capturing Goodbyes

Some weeks have themes.
Some weeks are much too easily remiss.
Some weeks torment for years to come.
Some weeks are wished to never be done.
I still haven't decided,
which one this was.
This week was filled with
moments that stretched out
endlessly, painfully while I hurt,
and so did the little people around me.
This week will surely be memorable,
even though I can't tell you
what happened on which day.
I waited eagerly for Friday
to press pause on all these feelings
of this strangely timed week.
Now that Friday is here
I check my fuel gauge 
and it resoundingly states, "empty".
How do you refill after
a week like this?
Saying goodbye to a fish,
a friend,
and goodbyes yet to come.
are hard to come by
and yet terrible when they do,
And this week had too many of them 
for me and for my young friends too.
So as we move ahead with weeks 
that will be better than this,
I want to capture all the goodbyes
I had to witness.

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