Thursday, March 26, 2015

Finding and Celebrating

To celebrate Dan's birthday, I planned a poetry scavenger hunt for him with GPS coordinates as the theme leading to his final present. These are my poems for him...

This is where it all started -
this day, 28 years ago.
When you entered this world, strong-hearted,
and blessed the people you know!

These are the people we can thank -
who made you who you are.
90% of them may not be them, I'll be frank,
but of that 10%, you are them, you rock star!

Now as you thank the people you came from -
for bringing you here, teaching you, and the rest.
I'd like you to take your adventurous self and then some,
To 39° 44' 53.247'' N and 104° 59' 57.17'' W!

Once you're there and smiling -
go in there and ask
for a special lil' sumpthing
in your name - and that's your task!

Clue Number 1 from Mom!

Congratulations, my dear! You have found
This delicious and yummy stuff abound!
And now as you devour,
this delight of sugar and flour,
I’d like to ask you to think
about the next clue and link -
to this adventure to celebrate you -
Next, you must take this step to pursue
a place where we sit and bask or hide from
the sun and watch high quality goose bum.
And ‘tis on that noble seat, my dear lad,
that you shall find your next parchment; I’d like to add.
And if said leg-resting spot was correctly guessed
You shall know where to go next from 39°44'42.0"N & 104°56'50.8"W

Clue Number 2 and a slice of our favorite cake at The Market!

Very well, my sweet love!
You should be very proud of
your very accurate GPS calculation.
And as you get closer to your last destination,
I ask that you take some time,
to sit and take in all of this – the magnanimous and the sublime -
of your beautiful 28 years on this planet -
I want you to know, that I don’t want to take you for granted;
And that I love you and all of the adventures we’ve had -
and all of the ones we’re going to have – good and bad!
And I am so lucky to be with you and proud of you;
And that you complete me and you’re my Pooh!
And now it’s time to join the fest
At your favorite: 39°46'28.3"N 104°56'08.4"W
Clue Number 3 - at our favorite bench in City Park - was quite the adventure taping the clue at 9pm under the bench!

Then we had a lovely celebration with our dear friends and they helped us create the last clue for Dan's birthday present!
The last and final clue created with help from our friends for Dan's final present!

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