Monday, March 2, 2015

Somewhere Between Hereness and Thereness

I am from
there and here,
and the many GPS coordinates in between.
I am from planting my feet in my roots
and finding seeds in gardens my shoes have never walked in.

I am from
sun rises and sets
with pink flames,
and the squawks of geese
muted by koels in the rain.

I am from
never capturing time to 
save daylight,
and from springing ahead in the spring
and aching for fallen fall nights.

I am from
musty sweaters wakened
from their summery slumber
once a year
to replace cottons meant to soak
sun's sweat and monsoon's thunder.

I am from 
not having designated footwear to
combat buttery snow fields,
and from arrogantly
ambushing buttery fields of snow
with the false aplomb of my Keens.

I am from 
early morning mortar-and-pestled cardamom seeds
telling stories of timelessness,
and from endless cups of chai
slurped with soggy Good Day biscuits
staining morning newspaper reads.

I am from
not needing a caffeine kick to 
make it till the evening,
and from from estranged victories
of multitasking breakfast consumption and speeding.

It's the here, there, and everywhere
that makes for all of this messy me,
as I plant my feet in my roots,
and find seeds in gardens my shoes have never walked in.

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