Monday, March 16, 2015

Stay Where Your Feet Are

Stay where your feet are:
Two weekends ago
I heard this little saying
Five words strung together
keeping my million thoughts

My body is twenty eight years old
my dreams old, my optimism young
my thoughts escape with fractured obstinance
my mind plans,  travels, worries, fantasizes
but my heavy, sluggish, defeated body

It's two thousand and fifteen
It's only day one of this week
I have already worked ten and half hours
and at five twenty seven pm today
I fell asleep while sitting for two

My body of three hundred and sixty joints
knows that my hundred billion neurons would win
still this body of forty five miles of nerves plays catch up
with that head of mine up up up in the clouds
and that heart buried deep in the

Worries spin, feelings bear heavy
my six hours of sleep
are consumed by unsettled rickety fears
and it's in these million infinitesimal moments
that I need to let in a hundred liters of pure oxygen and remember:
Stay where your feet are. 

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