Saturday, March 14, 2015

Thank you, Euclid!

There was once a lad named Euclid
Who was a mathematician, and math he did

He set out to solve the problem of the circle
With Sir Cumference and the Knights of the Round Table

All the kings horses and all the kings mares
Knew plenty about the area of triangles and squares

But no human far or near
Had hitherto cracked the mystery of this pesky sphere

So it was Euclid who set out
Oh yes he did without a doubt

To sandwich a circle between many a polygon
And multiplied the sides just to have fun

Until he found a pattern of an interesting kind
And he considered momentarily that he had found his find

"Something keeps happening repeatedly
When I look at these ratios", muttered he

This ratio that he discovered hence
Was between the diameter and circumference

"I shall call this ratio Pi", he eureka-ed
"And the world will use it as a rule, fast and hard"

- To calculate the area of the base of cones
But I just smack my lips, and feel grateful for homophones!

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