Friday, March 6, 2015

The Small Stuff

It's the small stuff - 
it's always been.
The stuff that makes me
walk into our home and know that
I'm going to get a hug from you.
It's the small stuff -
the stuff that makes me
smile silly when I find the note on the fridge
letting me know I'm loved.
It's the small stuff -
like the apology with "baby"   in it - 
"Baby, I'm sorry"   may be small stuff
but it means a whole lot to me.
It's the small stuff - 
the Hey Beautifuls
and Sad sitting happily on our bed
waiting for a hug.
It's the small stuff - 
like you knowing exactly what I mean
when I whimper softly and turn on my right.
It's the small stuff - 
like me resting my ears to count your heart beats 
and the way my body fits within yours
like a small hand in a small glove.
It's the small stuff - 
that makes coming home something to look forward to each day
and leaving in the morning so hard.
It's the small stuff, Dan
that  makes  being  with  you
such a big  deal.

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