Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Wasnt the Woozle Where?

I found Pooh
too late in my life.
I must've been distracted
by endless quests
for honey,
or tireless attempts
to find Eeyore's tail!
Still, I was nearly a
quarter century
when I found Pooh -
and he came in the best form
When I found you

I found myself
in the 100 Aker Wood
thanks to you!
Hand holding hand
and laughter guiding me through.
You make Eeyore's 
self-pitiful plight
come alive
while shining light
on Pooh's big heart 
despite his endearing 
(So what if he's a Bear of Very Little Brain?)

I found you

in Piglet's "Oh Dear!"
and in the Long Words that Bother
Pooh so much -
And now as we inch towards
this third decade of our lives
and evening-dream about
sharing the secrets of ther
of Winnie-ther-Pooh
with our yet-to-be Christopher Robins
I think it's only Crustimoney Proceedcake
to say to you - thank you,
for the gift of Pooh!

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