Sunday, March 1, 2015

Which memory to keep?

Firsts, scares, unprecedented happiness.
Moments, trials, forks in roads.
Memories are many-
my baggage weight limited.
Which to carry to new lands
and which to bury?

How am I to decide
whether I should take
the mango fibers stuck in my incisor
as I suck the gutli   of that first summer mango dry,
or lying in the veranda in a puddle of monsoon
as my cotton shirt sticks to my belly button?

Perhaps there's room to squeeze in 
those last few seconds of All you Need is Love
when John really wants to tell me 
She Loves Me Yeah Yeah Yeah,
and those strums my Papa strums
to forget that he was the Horse with no Name.
Or, if I take out the sight of seeing my friend
lying dead on that gurney 
I might have room for the callous on my
index finger from knitting with Daddo?

I would pay the extra baggage fees
for the smells of my Ma's arms around me
and the sting of a pulled hair
when Payal braids my hair that used to be
and called my hero  by Didi.

There's only so much that I can bring.
Once I get there,
then what?
Empty suitcases of 2 decades of
Firsts, scares, unprecedented happiness.
Moments, trials, forks in roads?
All so I can fill them with new ones?

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