Thursday, March 5, 2015

Whoo bee the Heffalump?

I return from lunch at a quarter till one
To find a surprise of the color of sun
Mysteriously sitting on my desk - this present
piques my intrigue and wonderment!

'Twas a picnicy yellow picture frame
That I analyzed and scrutinized, but - no name! 
"Who could this be from?" I wondered out loud
by which my students and I were very wowed.

In my present, Christoper Robin and his companions
were beautifully captured - my plot thickens!
As Owl would ask, "Whoooo could it be?
leaving this Pooh-y surprise for me?"

I asked everyone at school bluntly (where my desk lives),
they all exclaimed a version of, "Nope! Not me!" (I s'pose I believe their narratives).
If they didn't cause the present's presence,

Could it be Magical Mole Max,
leaving no traces in his tracks?
Or perhaps it is Kind Kindred Kam,
upto some mischievous flimflam?

'Tis possible that it could be
Tremendously Talented Tari?
Or maybe Lovely Lyrical Linda,
or Terrific Tender Tracy who had an idea?

I don't have enough data
to prove that it could be Skilled Selfless Sarah.
I also examined the dilemma -
could it have been Dare-Devil Dina?

Now I have concluded my investigation - 
no answers, but I had a lot of fun!
I reckon I have to face my mystery's unsolved hump
For I still haven't found my elusive Heffalump!

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