Sunday, April 19, 2015

A promise kept

I promise myself
To continue to love the feel
Of the nib of my pen
Gliding aimfully across
Arbitrary dotted green lines
Of my pages.

I promise myself
To hold that mirror
With steady hands
And look into those eyes
That lie, anger, and defeat
To find a glimmer of love
To pour onto those green lines.

I promise myself
To find words
To hold my heaving heart
At the end of a day
That didn't belong to me
But I'm ready to reclaim
With punctuation and poise on green lines.

I promise myself
A star of kindness
Of unexpected gratitude
Because gratitude is easily forgotten
In the heaviness of green lines
Spilling with complaints
Triumphs and recaps
Of a day preparing for slumber
Never to live again.

I promise myself
To burden green lines
With forgotten hopes
And truths
Only I will know
And never forget.

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