Wednesday, April 8, 2015


My first book
I didn't really read it till I was a teen
My sister
I always envied her dreamy cozy eyes lost in the unknown valleys of her book
My inability
I struggled to comprehend, to know
My love
I relished letters and words that punctuated my breath
My desire
I restlessly craved the lullaby of words
My frustration
I puzzled...why couldn't I read like my peers
My effort
I befriended a dictionary and devoured new sounds
My speed
I read short words for a long time
My joy
I found my self - wandering in the pages of a book
My surprise
I walked all the way to where the sidewalk ended
My excitement
I found a man who could fly
My arrival
And off I flew...far far away on the wordy wings of that first book.

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