Thursday, April 2, 2015

Rain's Icy Cousin

All day long I eagerly awaited
your untimely arrival.

I smelled you long before
you showered me with memories
of being enveloped in your cleansing hold.

The gentle sound of your approach
drives me hungrily and slowly and blissfully mad.

Sometimes you bring a friend with you.

Wafts of quiet breeze so precariously balanced,
teetering and ready to codeshift into their stormy other,
at the snap of a heavy cloud waiting to burst, trembling.

Today you brought your cold-hearted cousin,
shimmering with his every move,
mesmerizing all of us with his soft creamy exterior
and slippery icy chaos that he reigns all lands with.

Today, as you decided to leave and take with you
the smell of wet concrete and heavy air,
your icy cousin arrived uninvited,
I noticed blossoms hiding
and new life buried.

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