Friday, April 3, 2015

The Disappearing Glass

Only a few moments are more dangerous
To all the voices - little and loud -
that doubt and question -
I'm listening and I'm learning to
believe in myself
and seeing the glass.
Empty or Full. 
more achingly troubling
than those when you stop believing in me

Staring into glasses that seem
neither empty nor full
but rather pointless in their being

These moments exist solely to slowly 
wear down my slightest sniffle of courage
and tear at my tattered shreds of self

Gazing at a reflection of myself
spewing self-hating, demeaning 
words you echo to make me lesser than I feel

Your voice that puts down, doubts
steadily murders the one I need to heed
and I'm left alone in my head with a defacing loud bully

These moments are dangerous, achingly troubling
but they flail in comparison to those
when I stop believing in me

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