Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Keeper of the Fish

Our classroom fish tank cared for meticulously by a generous parent.
This poem is dedicated to you - you know who you are!
Colorful swimmers flitting near and far
Do you realize just how lucky you are?

Loved by children dearly and with heart,
but there's one who has mastered the art,
of caring for you with kindness and wisdom,
and she cares for you with a meticulous system.

Once a month your home is cleaned,
water is tested, and you are kinged and queened,
by your gentle care-taker who gives unconditionally,
so you may swim and scurry about blissfully.

She cares for fish as her father did,
and her love for fish, she bequeathed to her kid,
and on this difficult day, she gave to us,
her time and love without a fuss.

To this loving care-giver who gives our tank a buff,
I am so eternally grateful for this and more and can't thank you enough!

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