Sunday, May 31, 2015

An -ish Day

It wasn't excruciating
Nor was it outstanding
A lot happened
Making it both
And neither at once

A pro mover
Wheeling a rookie mistake
Head on the concrete
And bike wheels turning in the air

A surprise visitor
On his two wheeled steed
Scootered smiles and a hand
And needing some mechanical rescuing

A sweet helper
Bearing love and dessert
Became the target of neighborly rage
She didn't deserve

A caring group
Friends exploring haunted houses
A late and fun night
And a morning laden with exhaustion hangovers

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Change of Location

My phone tells me -
I've had a change of location.

Does it know I had a change of heart
And I followed my beating pulsing heart
To my new home?

Friday, May 29, 2015

Hand full of heart

A day of lasts
Is firstly, hard to carry
My heart feels tired
And heavy to hold

This ending continues

The first of many lasts
(Last school lunch
Last Friday together
Last junk art
Last choice time
Last matrix
Last reflections
Last fish tank clean
Last trip together
Last night in Denver)
Last of many firsts

Tiny hearts bearing heavily
In tiny hands meant to safe keep big dreams

Thursday, May 28, 2015


A bubbly ending
Filled with bubbles and children
To a bubbly year

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Cloud Diary

Today's clouds told old stories
In new ways

Ways I've known
And stories they've told

Some stood puffy and distant
As they painted the sky

Others moved on hurriedly by
As misty wafts ushered them away from us

These clouds stood witness to me and my 16 Wonders
As we uncovered mysteries of water

And braved being away from home
For this wistful night amidst story-telling clouds

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A haiku kind of day

A gray haiku day
Ground pulled from beneath my feet
White specks calm above

Monday, May 25, 2015

I am become a name

Today's poem was to be about a name
Not just any name
But those who are yet to be named
And those who remain unnamed
Rather today's poem
Is a dejected vestage of a reminder
And a sheepish connection
I found on the last page
Of the second book
I have loved this year
I am become a name

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Tus movimientos

You are the song

I want to hear again and again

Till your very beat

Is etched clearly

And every lyric

Is complete

You are the tune

That makes me want

To move my head in beat

In the way only a song

Can make me

You are the music

That makes my legs move

To a beat unique

To your notes

Your grooves

Your harmonies

You are the dance I want

To keep doing

And the four notes I want

To keep playing

You are the movement I want

To keep reliving

Saturday, May 23, 2015


There was once a girl who was rather sick
Who thought to write a limerick
As she restlessly awoke between slumber
All she wanted was some happy cucumber

There was once a boy named Dan
Who always the extra mile ran
And in addition to thinking about many a number
He knew how to bring smiles, even with a cucumber

Friday, May 22, 2015

Azure Games

Today the sky played a funny game with me

One moment pushing on me

Heavy with grays that will see through you

In another a bright blue sunny ready to impale you

With its indisputably wiser brightness

And impeccable clarity

Spreading apart unknowing clouds

Weightless yet full

With the weight of every journey

Journeys traveled from near and far

Collecting souvenirs of heavy tears

Tear drops shed

Slowly quietly

Picked up into a giant handkerchief

Of white fluffiness

Clouds ready to catch you

Ready to flood you

Ravish you

Leaving you with nothing more

Nothing more than a feeling

That the sky played a funny game with you

Thursday, May 21, 2015

My last Expo

I sit here
holding this collective wisdom
dioramas of digestive systems
models of mountains
mounting moments
double mounting deep moments
sawing similes as smooth as silk
hot-gluing harmonies in music
cooking up concrete examples
filming all this fun

I look back
and my heart beams
with pride and some sadness
This won't be mine
next year
But my last three years
are filled
and filled
with memories I cherish

I reminisce
From laughter
to being close
to pulling my hair out
from space time fabrics
to Watery Hope
here I am
after my last Expo
filled with nothing but
pride, love,
appreciation, amazement,
smiles, tears,
gratitude, and wonder

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Beginning of an Ending

That feeling I get
Beginning the last chapter
Of the last book
Of a series whose author
Writes no more
No more lines to fill

A series finale
The final match
The last day of a well-earned vacation
The ending I know nears me
That's the feeling holding me tonight

My last Expo
My last full week
My last time I will be teacher to my Wonders
My last late night (hopefully :)

I am ready
Ready to begin this series of lasts
These closing moments
Slowly, steadily, quietly

I am ready to
Begin an ending

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Suparna Standard Time

I am one of the first poems I ever wrote
Blushing with pre-teen pride
Over the poem my father didn't believe I wrote

I called it
And I meant every word of it

Masked in silly juvenile rhyme
Was a truth I learned early to speak
A truth that remains true till today

Time is an ocean
Vast endless
And in silly putty style, permanently malleable

I am the hands of the clock
Nor tick neither stop for anyone
I surpass time zones and disappoint punctuality

I am Suparna
And I run fast
When I run late, but mostly, I run on Suparna Standard Time with ease and agility

Monday, May 18, 2015

All Shaken and Stirred

"Call me if anything happens"
"You have your stuff ready if you need to run out, na?"
"Be careful and be ready to run out, ok?"

All these words
Chirping through fiber optics
And satellite signals
Across 12,900 or so kms
Through static and worry
Shrouded in silly advice
And nervous chit-chat

Filling silences with questions
I know the answer to
"What's for dinner?"
"Long day?"
"Any more tremors today?"

When really, all I want to scream is-
"Do you feel safe?"
"Why are you so far?"
"I want you to come home!"

She's a grown woman
Adult and all
Proud and independent
Able to advice and guide

No matter how old though
And how many kms apart
She's still my mommy
And I, her baby.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Another Revolution

Another year gone by
Triumphs and trials
New beginnings
Old friends
Lots of dessert
Healthy doses of wine
Trivia nights
Mutton chops
Lemon curd
Pepper in your chai
Falling asleep on your couch
Manhattans with special cherries
Hikes, smiles, and games
Here we are
Sending you off with love and smiles
To your next revolution
Around the sun

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Finding Surprises

I love little surprises

When you least expect them

Where you forgot a little treasure

A reminder of friendships

And times gone by

One such surprise

Surprised me today

In the middle of Paulo Freire

A note from a far away friend

Brought a little closer

Through words left behind

In the most perfect way

Friday, May 15, 2015

So Small

Maybe shrink for just a day
Crumble at ground level
Walk into a different world
Glaring with our very clear
With rough edges
With which to traverse
This spongy sponge
That once lived deep in the sea

Thursday, May 14, 2015

The joy of being confused

After a day like today
Walking in at eight twenty six pm
All I want is a bed in which to lay
And to embrace the deep cycles of rem

I watch the crimson sky
Electrify the dusky landscape
And I wince and sigh
At my unhappy tummy ache

I'm convinced this is one of
My more terrible days thus
I slowly find treasures pleasing a heart I pretend is tough
And it feels much better now, thanks to Katherine and Douglas

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


I see you and all I want to do is
Not fight, I want to simply
Your fear-filled unblinking
Watches me with reflexes ready to
Your speckled skin holds within it a
Interior hungry for warmth and
Of watchful eyes and tapping fingers on your
I stand before you magestic reptiles
We share a reptilian  brain

Monday, May 11, 2015


New life
reminds me of 
old times

Little laughter
brings forth
big smiles

Shy feet
move carefully
conquering confidently

Bright curls
capture sunshine
in their golden cheer

Smiling winks
picture ready
leaving us with memories

Loving friend
bringing joy
and Seren-ity

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Calling Doctor Dan


Sometimes I call your name
Simply to see-
How far my echo will travel
Or if my call will be answered -
"Yes, baby?"

Sometimes I call your name
Even though I know
You're not near me
And that my echoes won't reach you
And silence will respond knowingly
Still, I call your name,
To hear in the echoes of silence,
The little voice in my heart -
Assuring -

"Yes, baby?"

Saturday, May 9, 2015


Drops drip on me
You see,
I expect them to -

It's spring -

The green earth
Alive with the wisdom
Of tomorrow and the
Lessons of has beens

And the heavy clouds
Heaving with readiness to burst
And generous with their
Torrent of thirst-quenching outpour

Pitter-patter to me
That it should rain

Unexpected and uninvited though,
And possibly as wet,
Is all of the snow,
I hear we're about to get!

Friday, May 8, 2015

6 years

Looking back
No regrets
Here we are
One and independent
Times are rough
Life can be trying
Through it all
You're a beacon
Shining, reflecting
Even after
6 years in.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Fat Fluffy Clouds

Fat fluffy clouds
Glide below me
Peacefully as I drift
In and out of
28,000 feet dreams

The sun plays painter
With her playful prose
Casting strokes
Pale pink and opaque orange
Only her paintbrush knows

The horizon lies empty
So close I could touch it
With a burst of flying companions
Who temporarily surprise
breaking the evenness of this cloudy canvass

Where are they headed
I imagine


It's been a long time
Since I breathed
Like so
As though my lungs
Recently realized their function
After a long memory lapse
And now my newly rediscovered skill
Is something I keep practicing
For it is in breath
I find
Faint memories of once upon a time
That knew nothing
But breath

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Happiness is a Warm Tea Mug

I want to live with my heart

I tell my wise tea bag

I really do

I want to live with my heart
On my sleeve
As I learn to be kind to myself

I want to live with my heart

To its fullest

Before it collapses and shatters

I want to live with my heart
And love with my heart
So I can bleed, cry, and grow with my heart

I want to live with my heart

And then I know I won't be alone because

Happiness will find me

Monday, May 4, 2015

Beneath our Masks

Today in my classroom we read
A poem now stuck in my head

This poem was a page filled with sadness
Though not the sad kind, I confess

Rather the kind that makes you wonder
If the world has merely fallen asunder

A poem about masks and feelings amiss
One of our favorite poems, it goes like this:

She had blue skin
So did he
He kept it hid
And so did she
They searched for blue
Their whole life through
Passed right by
And never knew

~Masks, Shel Silverstein

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Stars in Sand

Starry grains of sand
Telling stories of eons gone by
Tales of our home before life lived
In history books carved with playful fingers
Washed away by dutiful waves
Teeming with the past
Wise about what's yet to be

Starry grains of sand
Each of you holds within
Something more, bigger than our humanity
You hold the untarnished dreams of lovers
Leaving profusions on your surface
Withered slowly by the cruelty of time and neglect
You hold the breath of a tired body
In your warm non-judgmental embrace
As it takes in sunshine and feels your
Stars take refuge in the spaces between toes

Starry grains of sand
You have seen more, know more
Than any of us will ever know
You have welcomed wrecks as they flounder at your feet
You have encouraged the weary and fearful to take plunges
You have cocooned shells, burrows, and nests and kept safe
You have allowed your portrait to be filled with marks of countless painters

Starry  grains of sand
Etching memories, castles, playthings
You have mastered embracing impermanence
As feet, water, wind, and time
Slowly leave their own indelible mark on you
I have a  lot to learn from you

En Flîque

Etymological episodes ensue
Calling cantankerous callously
To track Tribble
And angry aristocrats
For feline friends
Programing powerful people
Bowling big balls

Friday, May 1, 2015

If Only

Let's fly away
To a far away place
Where ladybugs hum lullabies
To old gray peacocks aging without grace

Let's dance now
With ferocity matched only by
Nightmares waiting to implode
Quietly in the middle of the day

Let's find moments
Captured with masking tape
And faint pencil marks
That erasers couldn't unite

That's where I'll be
Tucked away neatly
In the seconds between minutes
Daydreaming, hoping - if only

This is how a story dies

This is how a story dies -
A story untold for so long
It's forgotten the sound of its own voice

Succumbed to the silence stifling it -
Heavy under the weight of quiet
These stories are dead

Pages turning in their graves -
Burnt memories long ashen
Memorialized in empty breaths

Some stories escaped -
To never-realms of timelessness
To be captured in the poems of the weary

Hungry ears yearning for stories -
Stories neither read nor told
Only just begun, to be written