Monday, May 18, 2015

All Shaken and Stirred

"Call me if anything happens"
"You have your stuff ready if you need to run out, na?"
"Be careful and be ready to run out, ok?"

All these words
Chirping through fiber optics
And satellite signals
Across 12,900 or so kms
Through static and worry
Shrouded in silly advice
And nervous chit-chat

Filling silences with questions
I know the answer to
"What's for dinner?"
"Long day?"
"Any more tremors today?"

When really, all I want to scream is-
"Do you feel safe?"
"Why are you so far?"
"I want you to come home!"

She's a grown woman
Adult and all
Proud and independent
Able to advice and guide

No matter how old though
And how many kms apart
She's still my mommy
And I, her baby.

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