Sunday, May 3, 2015

Stars in Sand

Starry grains of sand
Telling stories of eons gone by
Tales of our home before life lived
In history books carved with playful fingers
Washed away by dutiful waves
Teeming with the past
Wise about what's yet to be

Starry grains of sand
Each of you holds within
Something more, bigger than our humanity
You hold the untarnished dreams of lovers
Leaving profusions on your surface
Withered slowly by the cruelty of time and neglect
You hold the breath of a tired body
In your warm non-judgmental embrace
As it takes in sunshine and feels your
Stars take refuge in the spaces between toes

Starry grains of sand
You have seen more, know more
Than any of us will ever know
You have welcomed wrecks as they flounder at your feet
You have encouraged the weary and fearful to take plunges
You have cocooned shells, burrows, and nests and kept safe
You have allowed your portrait to be filled with marks of countless painters

Starry  grains of sand
Etching memories, castles, playthings
You have mastered embracing impermanence
As feet, water, wind, and time
Slowly leave their own indelible mark on you
I have a  lot to learn from you

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