Saturday, June 27, 2015

A day out of a book

A walk through a forest
With my magical storytelling friend
Is a most wonderful way
To celebrate a summer day

We ambled along
White flowery trees
And racing elves
On two wheels instead of elf feet

Through places of learning
And crevices hitherto undiscovered
We meandered our way
To where the sellers gathered

Gregarious goat keepers
Sly snow pea sample givers
Hearty bread havers
Cherry-almond popsicle makers

Pupusas, falafels, Saigon noodles galore
Pizza for the faint hearted and more
From gluten-free, kosher, to vegan
There was a little place for everyone

Invigorated by a market place of color and life
My magical friend and I
Stretched our legs out on grass and ice melt
And shared stories from everywhere!

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