Monday, June 22, 2015


Is not loud enough to hold
The deafening silence
That follows the crushing of bones
Against a drunk bottle
Reeking of his mouth
And her blood

Loud enough to chill
But too late to stop our
Mayhem from becoming too real
To breathe in a single believing breath
Heavy on her hair
Slapped across her face
Tangled in old blood and her severed nose ring

He can't seem to find it
Lost and invisible
Taken away from her
As she watches it being carried off
By angels of hopelessness
Shrouded in dreamy cloaks made to
Make you unbelieve in yourself

Break it with a smile
Find it, look at it in the eye
End it from within and outside
Take every shred of it
And toss it as you bask in the confetti of truth
You are not him
And will never be

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