Monday, June 1, 2015


an unexpected or astonishing event, fact, or thing.

My young host running down to the pool
I wonder...why the hurry
But the light warmth of this almost-summer evening
And the trees full of life
Distracted me momentarily
I exclaim, "What? What! What?"
At the sight of so many familiar faces
Where I didn't expect them to be

Eyes that are a valley with a gurgling river 
"Happy tears"as many of us said tonight
Happy tears
Tears sending love
Tears igniting memories
Tears gathering hope
Tears steeped with gratitude
I look around
Hands clapped on mouth
All this for me?
For the child often forgotten
And the grown up who forgets about herself
For me?

Food, drink, dessert, summer water
Chattering teeth, hugs
"You are loved" "Thank you"
Humbled beyond belief
Words drift by as I try to catch them to capture this
Arms sway holding all this love

What an evening to be loved

Being in the hearts of so many

Who have touched me
Changed me
And given me the gift of being a teacher

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