Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Sound of High Above & Down Below

How do you liken the sound of thunder
I detectived all over for another
I looked under my bed and under covers
I looked behind trees and in brooks and rivers
I interrogated wizards and quizzed badgers
But I still haven't found the sound of thunder
Today as I sat cradled in thunder as loud as the loudest thunder
I thought to myself, and began to wonder and wonder
I've looked high above, behind, within, and asunder
But there's one place I haven't looked and that's under
Aha! There is one sound like that of thunder
It comes from deep in the earth in all it's rocky splendor
When humongous plates below and under
Crack, shift, float, and shudder
It's that rubbing against one another
That sounds like thunder!

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