Friday, June 26, 2015

Today, love won.

If I cut myself
I will bleed the same blood
As you
As your ancestors
And mine

The same blood
That runs through your lovers
And mine.

In the skin that holds us together
There are laws written on every inch of it
Every stretch-marked strip of liver-spotted shriveled inch.

Laws, rules, articles, bills waiting to be signed into law.

They tell us we're separate
Different, disconnected, diminished.

They tell us --

We can't marry
We can't hold hands
We can't be
We can't dress this way
We can't love this way
We can't stand together in check out lines
Without being asked
"Are you two together?"

Years of togetherness
Tucked away fearfully
In lies
And invisibility
Hidden under rugs
Embroidered with assumptions
Tailored with secrecy

See, the thing is though
This love business is tricky
Or more simple than we think...
Love is love
And no law should tell me how to love
Or how to be loved...

And today, no law can.

So today, I shout with victory.
Today, I sputter with joy.
Today, love won.
So today, I rejoice.

I fight.

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