Friday, July 31, 2015

A stork in York

My Dear Knightly Daniel,

What a fun day it's been! We're sitting at the Duke of York, a pub in the York train station waiting for our train back to Sheffield and they're playing some funky 80s pop. The very pregnant Indian lady in front of me is smiling sympathetically at me. She's mistaking my very lactose-induced aching and bloated belly as a 5 month old baby brewing in me! (It didn't help that you noticed this too and lay your head on my belly and asked, "How's your tummy feeling?") Oh, clotted cream, I fear this is the end of our relationship.

It was hard to walk down the beautiful cobble-stoned streets of York and resist all the little precious tea shops inviting us to have a cuppa cream tea. My heart said yes, but my belly rumbled no. I am so sorry that my tummy and I were so groany today, Dan. Thanks for your sweet loving kindness and love the whole time.

As soon as I walked out of the railway station, I knew I had been there before. Like a distant dream of first feelings, I recalled looking left as soon as exiting the railway station and seeing the York Minster.  And so, prompted by some deja vu, I did, and there it was - majestic and serene as ever - the York Minster.

We walked through monuments and city walls. Each place I go to, I love walking with you - we've walked SO much during this trip and I hope we can keep up that tradition back home in Boulder. Especially, since we're so lucky to have so many places we can walk to in Boulder. As we walked the cit
y walls, you asked me to imagine being there hundreds of years ago and entering this grand province. I love that you take my imagination to these regal medieval lands, because that is usually not where my imagination leads me. Given my personal and professional background, the first place my imagination takes me is - "I wonder how badly one would get hurt if they fell from this height." So thank you, Dan, for brightening this girl's morbidity up once in a while!

Ok, back to York Minster - as we learned more about the massive cathedral - I was taken aback by two things:

1. Like you, the imperfections of the cathed
ral were hard to miss. I wondered often how could something so vast be made without a plan, and then we saw the arches and spires that were the epitome of asymmetry. Maybe that is apropos - a place with imperfections has room for others.

I was shocked at the asymmetry of the cathedral
2. The different versions of the cathedral. Though completed in the 1400s, it has seen so many fires, reconstructions, kings, cruelty, and more. Through it all - it has undergone so many rounds of change - it reminded me of history and how it gets rewritten so often and we only see parts of it, unless we dig deeper. Even then, I wonder what history will we leave behind for others to read. Not just you and I, but our generation too.

The Five Sisters are dedicated to women who died in WW1. The blue panel on the bottom of he middle one was put there accidentally during the last reconstruction. In 75 years when they do the next reconstruction, they will debate which one put in - the original grey glass one or this blue one.

I will always remember falling asleep in the warm sunshine in the beautiful museum gardens with you and having so many yummy treats in the most magical of places!

Thanks for finding the most sweetest vegetarian restaurants for a nice light meal for my tired belly! Goji was indeed a happy place!

Thanks for caring for me, being calm, smiling lots, and bringing your imperfections and mingling them with mine.


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