Friday, July 31, 2015


Dear Danny-x (as Seren-ex would say!)

Today was special. I truly enjoyed our long walks through the gardens of Chatsworth House just outside of Sheffield and our talks. I can't get enough of the English countryside, with the rolling hills, meadows with cows (Moo Moos in Serenese) and sheep (Baas), and the shades of green. It's almost as though Enid Blyton's going to jump out from behind a bush and start reading a Famous Five book to me - Five Rolling Down a Hill or something. Though if Enid Blyton would jump out from behind a bush, I think I would scream very loudly.

Enid, where are you?

Spending time with dear Seren, Gayti didi, and Phuphaji was very special. We got to talk, go down more memory lanes, giggle, and come up with more exciting antics (tickle tickle)! I will always cherish these memories.

The beautiful Gayti with the phenomenal Seren!

The chapel in the house - a private chapel in a residence!!
And a bench made of quartz and tar - naturally lit.
Made me think of all the Rocks and Minerals
units my kids have studied over the years!
As we walked the exquisite living chambers and halls of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, we talked about the future. We talk often about the future, and I appreciate all those conversations - even when they get soggy with fear of the unknown.

Today, I especially enjoyed our conversation about the future, in particular - babies (or babix in Serenese). After having been around a very very adorable and phenomenal one (Seren - in Serenese) and seeing how amazing her parents are (Mummy and Daddy in Serenese ; ), we then saw the two moms with their respective children inside the Chatsworth House today who were very close to being asked to leave because their kids were very close to breaking something. I was getting nervous for them! We are lucky to know a lot of wonderful parents and children. Through my time teaching, I have grown because of my interactions with children. I think children are the most phenomenal presentation of our species - unfiltered, happy, and just plain terrific. I have also met some amazing parents and we both know some amazing ones - parents I look up to and wish I could be. Today, as we walked down the steps of the house, it was nice to hear you say, we could be those parents, and we could have those children. That would be one heck of an achievement as humans - to bring a life and give it life. One day...we will have our own babix (you Serenese).

One wing of the house

You're way more sculpture-worthy!

The majestic cascade waterfall in their private garden! (Well not so privately used!)

Finding surprises in the garden!

A bench with some cool art!

I thought it was so funny to see all these chair exhibits!

For now though, I thank you for spending a lovely week with my...our family in Sheffield. It's been so so special to me to share such a special place of my past and childhood with you.

Tomorrow we take our last inter-city train ride on this Epic Europe Trip! I will see you in London, baby! (Or babix!)

All my love,

P.S. - to all our readers who are not Dan and Suparna - we are not pregnant. : )

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