Sunday, July 19, 2015

Being Lured into Scandinavia by Huldras

My dear Dan,

As you stuff my face with Norwegian bulk candy from the grocery store in Bergen and we say goodbye to Copenhagen, I'm thinking about what you wrote about being in the moment

You said this to me yesterday as we ate at the cute and cozy Midtnes Hotel walked through the little fairy tale streets of Balestrand, and I want to hold on to it..."We spend so much of our time setting goals, procrastinating (not you, but us other humans ; ), meeting them,  and then setting new ones. Seems like our only goal here is to be and enjoy our time, and not set any other goals." I like that and could totally get used to that. Surprises and all!

Did you like our train ride through the hills of Sonjefjord? That boat ride transformed magically to an equally spectacular train ride. The obvious highlight of which for me had to be the 5 minute stop at the Kjosfossen waterfall.

The beautiful Huldra (fabled Scandinavian forest fairy) singing to us and my uncontrollable laughing out loud (I wasn't the only one!) were handpicked straight out of a Bollywood romantic comedy -  not our video - but this one captures it so well!

Like you, I was so confused why so many people around us were fast asleep through the 56 minute train ride through some of the most beautiful valleys in the world. It was as though we were sitting between people who could only enjoy the surroundings behind the humongous lenses of their gigantic cameras or in their dreams as they entered deep R.E.M. cycles. And who were we?

We were delighted, stupendously excited,  ridiculously giddy, spritely tipsy on those delicious amber ales and porters, ever so slightly drowsy with jet lag vestiges, and stupidly smiling.

That was a first. Soon I'll write to you about our second times having experiences!

Until then, my dear,

Dance, sing, waterfall, and don't lure innocent hikers into the forest in red dresses and with your ballet moves,



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