Thursday, July 16, 2015

Choosing to Choose

My Dear Dan,

In the past 36 hours we've had many many adventures! We've stayed in 3 hotels (I think our hoteling patterns mimic our apartment living behaviors ; ) - too nomadic for our own good?

In the past 36 hours I noticed another pattern - choice.

Choosing has so much power. Being an agent of your own choices means taking ownership of them too. And it means owning everything about that choice. Like the difficult choice of which jacket to buy (thank goodness for lightweight warm jackets on sale at super duper stores);

I found a store employing my favorite adjective!
Super Duper warm jacket!!

or the choice to choose ballet and learn to be proud of oneself at a young age, like Victoria; or the choice to vote in mock elections, like our friend Julie is exploring; or the choice to parent empoweringly like our friends Julie and Alf; 

Alf - we need photos from your phone of all of us! In the meanwhile, here are the lovely Julie, Victoria, and Hermia giving us the best tour in all Bergen - The Julie Tour!!

or the choice of the man sitting behind us on the boat who kept poking his beer-stenched mouth between our seats and talking to us in a sad combination of French, Norwegian, and PissedDrunkish; or our choice to laugh him off and choose to experience every breath-stealing moment of vast finite blues and greens of the Atlantic Ocean cushioned by ageless fjords, peppered with time-defying waterfalls and snow-sketched cloud-kissing peaks. 

Yes, we made that choice. And I'm proud of us.

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