Friday, July 3, 2015

Digitally Digitized

My fingerless finger frequently causes
Folks to fumble and flail
Manicurists, finger-doctors, ring-measurerurs.

But by most favorite reaction
Is that from a young human
As soon as a child's brain notices the visual signals it's receiving
Spotting an anomaly
Other senses stop functioning
Like a cat squinting at a creature in flight
Curious eyes follow the journey of my waving arms
To fully register the oddity
The weirdness
The out-of-placeness of
My missing finger.

A need to get a closer look-
Focused yet zoned out-
Eyes dart wildly at the whims of my missing finger.

They shake off their stupor
"I asked if you wanted to know what happened to my finger?"
Mouth shuts. Quick blink. Inhale. Gulp.

"I am seven..."

No, no! I am twenty-eight
This story will have to wait
For another time and another date.

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