Saturday, July 25, 2015


Dearest Suparna,

We spent today at Ludwigsburg Palace. All I can say is wow. The palace was amazing. It looked large from a distance, and as we kept walking closer, more and more details slowly revealed themselves. I simply couldn't have imagined its immensity and magnitude. The palace was completely impressive, and in many ways overwhelming. To take one walk around the palace from the inside (directly, with no detours) it is an entire kilometer, and doing so won't even take you to all of the rooms. Even though the palace was built in the early 1700's, it is still in amazing condition. There were rooms decorated completely in gold, and fantastic paintings and sculptures everywhere. I only wish we could have taken pictures from the inside, but hopefully this description will be enough to tease others to see it for themselves. This Residenzschloss was the pure image of excess.

Spending time in such excess made me think again about what it is that we really need. On this trip we managed to fit all of our clothes (at least 10 days worth!), essential medicines, and electronics in two hiking rucksacks that we can sling onto our backs at under 10kg each. We've run through cities and train stations with these rucksacks, checked them in easily on a couple of flights, and stored them simply in the corner of a room we're staying in. We really haven't needed anything else. It's been you, me, and a whole lot of adventure. And amazingly wonderful friends and family. It really makes me question all of that other stuff. What's the point of it? I think once again this reminds me of my priorities and what really matters. Every time we travel it seems to be to see people we love, or with people we love. What else matters?

We also had a great time at the Bluhendes Barock fairly tale garden. It was so fun to see the way that all of the fairy tales were brought to life in a way that was so easy and accessible to all of the children and families going by. It was great to see kids running, playing, and enjoying the outdoors. Although I must admit I really wanted to go on that boat ride myself - maybe next time when we come back with little ones of our own.

Who could forget the excellent Indian dinner we had. Once again it was fun surprising an Indian (this time in Germany) by speaking to them in Hindi. :-)

Tumhaaraa hamesha,

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