Friday, July 24, 2015


Dearest Suparna,

Today we got to meet Bawa Tauji, his partner Emma, and their two lovely dogs Kiko and Lily. Our original plan was to go directly to Munich, but then we got in touch with your family here. It was a nice bonus that we could keep exploring new places and also meet more of the family. We got to speak lots of German today, listen to German radio, see German tv, and explore little German towns, not just the touristy places. Is it strange that it reminded me Sheboygan in some way? It stretched my memory to recall the German that Mark and Kevin studied in school. What fun!

Family is an amazing thing. I got to spend lovely time today with two people I have never before met by virtue of this amazing thing. In so many ways their house reminded me of great grandma Zahn's house. I guess that shows the German roots in my family. It was also very interesting to see the mix of very German decorations mixed with very Indian decorations.

What does it mean to be family? Kiko and Lily went out to dinner with us, and I thought they were definitely part of the family. So it's not just a human thing.

Right now it's just the two of us, but what about our family one day? What values, traditions, and dreams will we share as a family? I can think of some, and I also think of our chance to figure all of that out, mess things up, and figure it out again.

It was good to rest today and take it easy. Tomorrow, to the palace!

Tumhaaraa hamesha,

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