Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Hair Today. Gone Tomorrow.

Dear Dan,

Thank you for your kindness and love today. Your patience with my hair related under confidence is admirable. Thank you! As my very sweet and very chatty hairdresser cut my hair for over 2 hours, I had a few thoughts...

How lucky I am to be able to donate my hair to make wigs for children who have lost their hair due to cancer treatments. I appreciate your patience over the last many years as I grew my hair just long enough to donate. I was surprised by how much my hair measured braided - 10 inches! : )

I was also surprised to learn that my American grown hair on my Indian head was cut in England, and my hair will get sent to China to be manufactured into a wig and sent back to the UK to be worn by a child. The sweet haircutters were willing to help me out with the details and bua was so sweet to treat me to my new look.

I feel pretty liberated today. I feel so comfortable and unencumbered with short hair and ready for my new life adventures. In some ways, this shedding of sorts was exactly what I needed to metamorphosize into my next stage of living. I'm excited for it. And loved having long hair too!

Thanks for your patience and kindness towards me when I was unable to be kind to myself. 

Today, too, we relived some memories - swimming, walking by shops Didi and I would take the bus to go to (and one time even got on the bus with much pride at our self-sufficiency only to learn we were sitting on the bus going the opposite direction from where we wanted to go!), and more.

Time is fleeting, yet it is the longest thing we will experience. So let's make the best of each moment. Because you know how it is...

...hair today, gone tomorrow.

With little hair and big big love,

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