Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Hey, Ho - Heidelberg and Venlo!

Dearest Dan,

I write this as we sit in Super Human Vani and Super Hero Krrish's (top secret agent and super hero duo - Garibi Hatanewale - working to fix the global poverty crisis) sweet home in Heidelberg. There's rap music coming from the kitchen and the smells of fresh lime juice and tantalizing cucumbers are hugging the thick summer air.

Super Vani! 

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What a day it's been! Saying goodbye is never easy and it wasn't to dear Utty. What an amazing time she gave us in The Netherlands. We said goodbye to Dutchland and entered Deutschland soon after Venlo.

At Düsseldorf, I am so glad we ran down again to check the departure screen because DB Bahn, our lovely train company, changed the platform on us 2 minutes before the ETD! We have become so adept at running with our big but compactly packed backpacks and we made it juuusht-in-time for our train!

The Deutsch Bahn train was super duper comfortable. Apart from the dazzling views of the picturesque hills with fields and castles sprinkled everywhere and the train ride along the Rhein, we were met by another surprise. I snickered a little shyly and with excitement when we found out (after walking back and forth between compartments/wagons 9 and 11, that we were seated in a private compartment! Clearly, neither you nor I could believe that us budget-travelers could be worthy of such a luxurious treat! The sweet old man and his daughter left the compartment all to ourselves very soon at Bonn hbf (main railway station) and then we put on some tunes, put our feet up, snacked on some yummy peanuts, sipped on our shandy, and ooohed and aaahed at the paint-worthy views outside our fast and comfortable moving train. What a delightful adventure it was!

Then we got to sweet Heidelberg. Hot as heck, but cooled down by our super chilled Super Hero host - Krrish ji!

Krrish came to get us at the railway station and we walked to his and Vani's place in Neuenheim - the newer part of Heidelberg. After a refreshing sit down drink and snack hour, we headed off to the older part of the city through a path right by the Neckar - a tributary of Rhine. We walked by geese, picnicers partyers, players, and more. We saw strong people rowing boats, and silly people sitting on ledges of tall bridges. Like in Rotterdam, we walked on 3 bridges today. There is a castle on the hill that we saw that looks majestic, especially when it's lit up at night. People are out so late here at night - and I feel bad for our Super Hero - Krrish - he must be sick of hearing us saying, "Wow! It's so safe here at night!" "Wow! So many people walking around at night!" and "Wow! What an amazing city!" and some other rendition of wonder we would offer. You and have talked about this in The Netherlands too - this level of safety is uncanny and it makes me wish every one could access it.

Our Super Hero bid us goodbye so kindly and now has risen to the sky to fly among dreamy clouds for the night and I look forward to seeing him again tomorrow and sharing another day with you my German-American-Indian boy!

Until then, gute nacht, meri jaan,

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