Friday, July 24, 2015


Dearest Herr Reinholz,

It was so much fun yesterday seeing you enjoy your homecoming! You looked visibly overjoyed and German all day today. Both suited you very well! 

Look at you - all proud and regal looking down at your kingdom!!

Now we're headed to Stuttgart and I am not the happiest trooper at this moment. Why can't the man behind me yawn with his mouth shut, and why didn't he brush his teeth this morning?  Human beings! Lucky you, with your inability to smell. And lucky me, to have you, non-smelly train companion! : )

I had so many favorite moments yesterday. Watching you read Hindi books in our German friend's house. Seeing you take over the castle with your epic Reinholz moves. 

Watching life go by from 1,490 feet above life bustling below (and throwing some zen ninja moves at the bee that still stung me - I guess my cherry blossom body spray must be authentic - it went straight for my armpit!!) [The price I pay for trying to smell better than the guy behind me.]

Back to my favorite moments - taking the tram up and down the mountain with you. 

That walk in the courtyard of the castle where we were alone and away from huge crowd of tourists.

Portable bbqing and grilling with Krrish (Renowned Biking-without-Handlebars and Grilling King with his own travel agency superhero!) in the dusk by the Neckar. 

Eating vegan bratwurst and having a refreshing half liter (pint, it's time to liter up? ; ) of Hefeweizen. So many more...

Most of all, and even when gelato ladies yell at us, (Utty, we found another one ; ) and pugs sit in baby carriers, and way after the sun light up my world.


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