Monday, July 27, 2015


Dearest Suparna,

Today we spent the day in Sheffield with Bua, Phuphaji, Gayti, Paul, and Seren. Over dinner with Bua and Phuphaji we were talking about how we are blogging about our travels. Bua said that it sounded like a lot of work on a holiday, and we got to talking about how writing can be a reflective process that helps you experience the day differently. Each day I’ve thought throughout the day what was the essence of the experience that I wanted to capture, and then I have sat down only for a little bit to share that essence with you (and all the lovely people who have been following us!). Today that essence was the feeling of home.

It’s only our 14th day away from Boulder, and we have had so much adventure. I think we’ve adjusted quite well to being away. At the same time, it’s very very easy to miss home and all of our lovely friends and family there (and the people who we wish could have been here but couldn’t). Even though I’ve never been to Sheffield before, and haven’t had the pleasure of spending as much time with the family as I would like, being here really feels like being at home. It is just so comfortable, everyone is so warm, and the atmosphere feels so calm (at least to me, some others who aren’t simply enjoying the holiday might have to differ on this one). But what does it mean for something to feel like home?

I’m not sure, to be honest. At times home can be crazy and chaotic and have so many things going on. But then I suppose there’s some underlying feeling that you know everything is okay, and that the people around you will be there if you need something. It’s a nice and comforting feeling. I’m so glad that we get to spend a nice amount of time here before moving on to our next big travel adventure. It’s just lovely. And it is so so so special to me to spend time in a place that you’ve talked about so much and how much it meant to you growing up when you visited as a teenager. Those memories and connections, across the world and across generations, maybe that’s what home is made of.

Tumhaaraa hamesha,

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