Thursday, July 23, 2015


Dearest Suparna,

Today we spent the day shopping, exploring Heidelberg Castle, and having the most amazing grill out with Krrrrrrrish. I must say that Germans have created the most wonderful invention in a 3-euro disposable grill. Could there be any other way to grill out?

As a white American I so often feel like I have little culture to call my own. I think that in so many ways since we have been together I've adopted many aspects of Indian culture, and have very much enjoyed being an Indian American (not American Indian). Today I sat near a river in Germany, with another white guy (of German descent), speaking in Hindi. What a crazy world we live in that this can happen. It just amazes me.

Even though we're in a foreign country, so many things felt so familiar to me. In so many ways I could see many of the customs, habits, and familiar ways of being in my family and how they have derived from the way things are here. In this sense, it felt very much like a homecoming to me.

Kevin has done a lot of research tracking our family roots back to Germany, and also has made a very compelling case that we have a bit of royalty somewhere in our bloodlines. For that reason, I'm very sure that we were probably visiting a castle today that was once in our family. Too bad we couldn't come back and reclaim it, right???

I loved today, just loved it. This was so special and we got to experience Germany in a way that no tourist does. Grilling out by the river, late at night, spending time with locals. Just amazing.

Tumhaaraa hamesha,

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