Thursday, July 30, 2015


Dearest Suparna,

Today we had the most lovely day in York. I really had no expectations and didn't know what to expect. But it definitely exceeded all of them. Our walk along the outer wall made me think of patrolling the city in the old days, like in the times of Merlin. But the beauty of old had a modern twist - each of the toll gates at the bridges had all been converted into cafes. As they say here - brilliant! I think Uttara will really enjoy her time here. 

I know you weren't feeling well today, and that made things hard. But there's no reason to keep apologizing. It wasn't your fault for not feeling well. Now you know you just need to stay away from the cream and stick with the lemon curd. Besides, it gave us special opportunities to do things like take a nap in the museum gardens. Yay!

Now imperfection. The York Minster is the main attraction of the city. And it was marvelous. Of all things that struck me was how much imperfection was built into to foundations of the cathedral. For one, the main tower is built over an old foundation that was never meant to support a tower. And so it has required a lot of work to be repaired and reinforced. Or how about when the stained glass windows were hidden not to be destroyed by bombs, and some were put in the wrong places. But these were only small things.

There are dragons and chimeras carved into the walls. One of the main arches has 6 kings on one side, and 7 on the other. The cathedral was built without much proper planning, so there are areas where the alignment of the ceilings is off by at least 3 feet.

Despite all of this, this is one of the most significant cathedrals in all of England. And it is truly majestic. I think it is a fitting analogy for religion. I feel that too often humans seek some sort of infallibility, but we are fallible in so many ways. Rather than acting as though we can achieve perfection, or even try to seek it, I'd rather relish the imperfections. All of those imperfections made the Minster marvelous. They also make life marvelous. 

So let's make the most of every day, celebrating all the things that are imperfect! 

Tumhaaraa hamesha

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