Wednesday, July 15, 2015

In the Moment

Dearest Suparna,
Day two of our amazing adventures. It was absolutely phenomenal. Our 7-hour train ride from Oslo to Bergen was full of magic, wonder, and life lessons for me. I wanted to be present in the moment, every moment, that we were there. Even though it was 7 hours, I felt like the sights were constantly taking my breath away. I was so surprised to see the people around us, everywhere but there. They were on their cell phones, doing crosswords, playing sudoku, reading magazines, falling asleep, and for one obnoxiously-loud teenager behind us, slipping away on some sort of drug induced coma, or so it seemed. This reminds me that wherever I am, I want to be there. And I was so glad we could be there together today!

And then we reached Bergen, what a magical little city. I can't to explore it together tomorrow. But today we were so so lucky to experience the warmth and hospitality of Julie, Alf, and Victoria (pictures forthcoming). I couldn't have asked for a more special night with such a kind and welcoming group of people. To think that they barely returned home a month ago and just last weekend got married, yet they still opened their doors to us with open arms. Such kindness I will always cherish. Tomorrow we get to explore the city some more, and then off to the fjords! I can't wait.

Tumhaaraa hamesha,

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