Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Is it my way or your way? Neither! It's Norway!!

My dearest Dan,

Of course you made a "Way" reference to Norway! I guess punning runs in our family!

Wow! My back is killing me right now from sitting in odd positions on our flights and getting lost with 22+ lbs on my back on the streets of Oslo...but it's worth it. Or at least after the Ibuprofen kicks in, it will certainly seem so!

The sun didn't want to set today
To me it felt like it was waiting for us to 
see, wander, lose our way, find another alley
and just be 
before saying goodnight to us.

Of course, I know that is far from the truth
Being on this latitude
and being that it's summer time
the sun is just beginning to set 
and it's a demure 00:15am.

As we walked on the roof of the opera house
I could've sworn I saw 
a t-rex on top of the hill
I don't think it was the lack of sleep 
for over 24 hours
it was truly there

Atop the roof of the Opera House - apart from its cousin in Sydney, it's also supposed to mimic climbing a snow peak. Our Boulder lungs were ready for this sea level climbing! 

Some odd things can be found on trash cans.

As we sat waving our feet

danglingly off of a frightening but kind precipice
I didn't tell you
but I froze time
as you slipped your fingers in mine
rested your sweet safari-hatted head on my right shoulder
I captured that moment in its full essence
and I shall keep it safely 
for me to revisit

when I miss grassy roads

or a forest of starry leaves

or a beer at dusk on an intersection at 10:45pm

or our voices echoing in a concrete straw

or catching you glimpsing oddly at an odd but beautiful lady

or the promise of a live gangfart (and a rather expensive one at that!)

or finding chillies in our smoothie and delight in our pistachio gelato

If I could have my way, every day would be today
But I don't think I get to choose
I don't think it's my way
It's...wait for it (and finding an episode of How I Met Your Mother on Norwegian TV or Mission Tacos on Møllergata)...NorWAY!


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