Friday, July 31, 2015


Dearest Suparna,

It had to happen at some point, a post about the little ones. Being on this trip has made me think a lot about what it will be like when we have our own kids, and what type of parents we will be. In our lives we been so fortunate to have so many great examples of parenting, and on this trip, a number of counterexamples for good parenting: the tourists we saw today in Chatsworth house, the mother who was neglecting her child as we toured through Ludwigsburg palace, or the woman yesterday who claimed that her child was causing problems because of her "learning differences," but took no responsibility herself. I'm not trying to criticize these parents as being bad people, but I think it's important to have kids when you want to and when you are ready. Otherwise it's not fair for the kids or the parents.

In our lives we've had so many wonderful examples of parenting: the way Mom and Dad always gave us support and encouragement; the way your parents showed you so many things and taught you so much; the way Gayti, Paul, Bua, and Phuphaji shower Seren with love; the way Kevin and Chie help their kids experience so many new things with excitement; the way Brian and Sarah are so intentional with Adam and Mara and how they provide them with so much structure; the way David and Stephanie provide so much calm and stability to Maddy and Sophie; the way Mikole and Ryan help Arwyn and Soleil experience all of the magic of the world. This only scratches the surface of the great parents (and grandparents, aunts, and uncles).

On this trip we've experienced so many new things, seeing the world through wide eyes, just like children. I can't wait to show our kids all of those new experiences, help them learn new things, and just make the best of what we have. You, me, and two rucksacks is all we've needed to be so happy and have such an experience. Seeing all of this magnificent and extravagant palaces and castles makes me think of just how little we actually need to be happy in this world. That's something I hope we can pass on to our kids; a true sense of appreciation for just how lucky we all are, and a sense of wonder to never stop exploring and asking why. I can't imagine raising kids with anyone else my dear.

Tumhaaraa hamesha,

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