Monday, July 20, 2015


Dearest Suparna,

Today was a great day exploring Rotterdam with you. We were without our lovely tour guide Utty, so we had to figure things out on our own. Even though we've had two days in The Hague, it still took us some time to find our way back to the station, get our money loaded, and figure out the proper trains. This reminded me that learning a new system always takes time. We had some help from Utty, but we also relied on her the past two days, so we hadn't fully learned the systems. But we managed to figure it all out.

The whole time in Rotterdam it rained on us, which made exploration a little bit more difficult. But it was still enjoyable. This city was so different from the others; the sky rises were in stark contrast to the more rustic buildings in The Hague and Amsterdam.

I wish I had planned things out a bit better; I was excited to go walking and see the sites, but I really didn't account for just how far the walk was or how much time it would take. Ten miles later, and many hours later, we finished our explorations. But this exploration came at the cost of other explorations. Even though we made it to the water bus on time, it didn't matter, because the windmills in Kinderdijk were already closed.

This was a good reminder to me for the need to really plan things out. It also reminded me that when we're traveling on our own so much of the process involves getting lost, confused, and needing to problem solve. And that's okay. Next time I'll be thinking of how I can be a better problem solver. This trip really is teaching me a lot about myself and a lot about us when it comes to solving these problems. It also makes me think about what it means to be uncomfortable with those difficult situations and that uncertainty. Powerful lessons for life.

It's a pleasure to be lost and to be found. I think there's something special about living in between these two spaces.

This song always makes me think of you, and it feels appropriate for today's post:

Tumhaaraa hamesha,
PS: I don't think I will ever be able to eat french fries without peanut sauce again!

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