Thursday, July 2, 2015

My Last Goodbye

In my rocking chair
Listening to the sounds of my singing bowl
Echoing in my hands
Carpe Diem
My chair advices
My eyes close and the curtain falls
On memories...
My first day
Of my first year
Churidaar kurta
Short hair
Socrates and I
Greeting each child
My Wonders...
Walk-through digestive systems
Hand sewn dresses
My Ma there with me
Proud of you, my baby...
Daddo gone...
Junk art...
Three years gone by
Gone by and I went with them...
Last singing bowl
Last deep breaths in my chair
And I'm off
To new places
And to turn off the lights in my room
My home, my Wonder land
For the last time...

And turn on new ones.

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