Friday, July 17, 2015


Dearest Suparna,

This trip so far has been full of surprises. Most of them good, some not so great. Seeing as I can be a pretty inflexible person, this is a very good lesson for me. Here's just a few of our surprises today:

- Getting a giant buffet breakfast for free at the hotel (sure beats meat sandwiches hanging in a bag outside your door).
- A late boat to Flåm (because everything else in Norway has been exactly in time, meaning we have to leave our Indian standard time ways behind).
- Getting a different type of boat for the end of our fjord tour (not so windy and cold).
- Meeting a creepy guy in the trip who kept showing up again and again (I'll look out for you next time I promise).
- Having and hour in Flåm to go to the amazing Ægir brewery (thanks Alf and Julie - again).
- Stopping at the waterfall on our train ride only to be led into the mountains by a mysterious woman in red, with the ability to teleport  (I wonder what locals make or this Bollywood production).
- Getting into a new train back to Bergen with a treacherous bathroom.
- Getting back to our same hotel in Bergen only to find we had a new building, no wifi, and a shared bathroom. Lots of adventures!

And that was just one day! I guess life is like that. You can't prepare for the unexpected, you can only prepare to be surprised  (name that a quote!).

Tumhaaraa hamesha,

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