Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Taking It In

Dearest Suparna,
I think we're getting better at this. Today we traveled most of the day to get from The Hague to Heidelberg. We took a train, a bus, and then two more trains. Because of construction they added the bus into the route, so the transfer bus wasn't even in the normal bus place. We asked two staff members at the station and neither knew were the busses were. And then at Dusseldorf our train got moved to a different platform. Good thing we checked the monitors downstairs at the last minute and made the switch. Running through two train stations in one day we made all of our connections. Great job! The hiking backpacks we got our amazing and super helpful. I feel proud of us and most of all we stayed calm and didn't get stressed out.
As a reward for all of that running we got to ride in our own private room in the train to Heidelberg. Drinking beer and watching the beautiful landscape around the Rhein river was pretty spectacular. We're so so lucky to have these wonderful experiences together.
I called today taking it in, because every day everything feels new and it feels like being a child again. New words, new systems, and so many new sights and experiences. I want to hold onto this sense of wonder when we come back home.
I also feel like we've had so much wonderful time to bond together that I am so grateful for.
And Heidelberg is quite the city I must say. Beautiful and relaxed. It was so nice to spend time with enigmatic Krish-ji. What a wonderful friend and host. Can't wait for another day in this place.
Tumhaaraa hamesha,

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