Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Amazing A-fjord-ances of Bergen and Balestrand

Dearest Suparna,

So many magical things to remember about Bergen and Balestrand today:
  • Exploring the charming little city of Bergen
  • Our exceptional tour guide Julie! :-)
  • And Victoria and Hermia too :-)
  • Street musicians everywhere
  • Amazing skillingsbolle (local cinnamon buns/rolls)
  • And chocolate and vanilla too!
  • A delicious veggie burger with just the right masala
  • A brand new jacket that is so light and so warm
  • 5 hours of mystical bliss on Sognefjord
  • Arriving at an even more magical little place called Balestrand
  • Just being and watching the water for an hour
  • Seeing the sun until 11:00pm (while watching that water)
  • Hearing "last of the wilds" which perfectly fit the scene
  • Hearing that Japanese couple creating the sweetest video message
  • The cutest of all cute hotels
  • Spending all of the time with you! :-)
Tumhaaraa hamesha,

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