Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Way They Do It In NorWAY

Dearest Suparna,

The first day of our trip; it feels so surreal! Even after we spent 10 hours flying we still had such an amazing time. Even though there were so many sick people on the flights I think we can ward them off with tons of positive energy, a gallon of EmergenC, and about 50 Airbornes (yes, I can do hyperbole too!). It was definitely a bit hard at first - feeling exhausted, not finding our hotel, not getting WiFi to work, and then nearly every vegetarian restaurant being closed. I guess there's nothing like a San Francisco restaurant in Oslo to save the day. But really, I think the words you said stuck with me, about the need to change my perspective. I did need to change my perspective.

That's what this trip is all about - being able to take a different perspective. And when you said that to me it really made a difference - I did take a different perspective. And it was lovely. Today was fantastic. The views we saw from the Opera House were breathtaking. Sitting down to have a beer at 10:00pm on a Tuesday night - wonderful. To see at least a hundred other folks out doing the same - it would never happen back in the States. Like when we were in Costa Rica, there was something to living "la pura vida." Well, this time around, I think it's time for us to do it the way they do it in Norway. So let's relax, take a deep breath, and enjoy every moment of it!

तुम्हारा हमेशा,

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