Friday, July 24, 2015

The world is made of little dots...

Dear Dan,

Can you believe we've been here in Europe for 11 days!? Wowzers, is all I've got to say! Last Friday, we were walking about the moist streets of Bergen in search for a sweet bar, and settling at Dyvekes Vinkjeller!

Here we are. Watching a kind of intense episode of Soko Leipzig about commercial sexual exploitation of children and the portrayal of a gay man as a pedophile. I don't know any German, but I can tell that that's what's happening. I wonder about that and I haven't made up my mind about all my feelings about this.

We had such an amazing day today! We made it to the bahn station before our train (Woohoo! German Time is winning over Suparna Standard Time!) this morning from Heidelberg and Deutsch Bahn didn't change the platform on us at the last minute! We were received by my...our...sweet uncle and aunt (tauji and taiji) at Stuttgart and they have welcomed us to their home with love, warmth, delicious food, lovely sights, two loving canines, and so much kindness!

All day you said to me how much their lovely home reminded you of Great Grandma Zahn's. I agree. It also reminds me of my grandparents' home and of course my Daddo and Baba as I connect more dots with around the world. 

Today, we also went to see a goldsmith and saw his fantastic workshop, tools, and him at work! It was a treat to see this artist at work! We also went to Schorndorf (Emma aunty's dad was from there) and Schmiden (Emma aunty's mom was from there) and are engaging in such outrageously delicious gastronomic activities!

The table where magic comes to life

Peter's handiwork with brass over 48 years ago - all by hand. Couldn't detect a single seam. 

Leave some beer for Germans too, okay? : )

Picturesque Schorndorf Streets 

Delicious Italian food in Germany!

It blows my mind that I can find a picture of my Daddo on a wall in Stuttgart, Germany. These little dots around the world make us family. They connect us. They burn bright so legacies can live on and stories can be told. 

I wonder...what stories will we tell? What legacies will we leave behind? What dots will we connect to make the world a better place...?

I wonder if you wonder the same.

I just love you,

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